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My favorite foods is …


I was born at small city in Southeast Sulawesi namely Kendari that has few tribes with different yummy traditional foods.  My Father was born as Tolakianess or coming from Tolaki tribe.  Tolakiness  traditional foods is called “Sinonggi” which made from Sago usually serves with Fish or Chicken Soup, Vegetables, lime, and chili peppers and I love it a lot !!


When I moved to Makassar city to finished my study, I missed Sinonggi.  Though I can prepare for myself  but some of the Sinonggi ingredients are difficult to find in the market around Makassar.  So, when we cooked it will come with different taste as I used to be.

Lucky me, my best friend from uni took me to a traditional restaurant in Makassar city which serves different kind of South Sulawesi food.  One was “Kapurung”.  Kapurung is a traditional food from the north side of South Sulawesi, also made Sago, but mix with vegetable’s, smash fish and shrimp, serves as like soup.  The difference between Sinonggi and Kapurung is the way of serving.  Kapurung  serves as sago soup mixed with vegetable, smash fish and shrimp, but Sinonggi serves  as a dish, so when you want to eat it, you take sinonggi, later mix with fish, vegetable, or other dish that you like in one plate.




Since then Kapurung has satisfied my appetite whenever I miss my home cookings when I am living in Makassar.  I love to have Kapurung with Lawa as a friend.  Lawa is one of dish prepare froma smashed raw fish, coconut fried and young banana mix with chilli peppers and lime juice. Lawa is so nice too! Yum 🙂

*I’m feel bit starving now 😀


3 thoughts on “My favorite foods is …

  1. Me too ! I like it a lot .. Mar, writing about Tempe donk.. kan lo org jawa asli gitu… nulis ttg Tempe Bacem aja yuk ! skalian resepnya.. hahaha

  2. looove kapurung [especially the one served by the ‘Aroma Palopo’ madame]..don’t like lawa.

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