Meine Think

Only a dead fish who go with the flow

ELegy #2

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What’s the immaterial substance that envelopes two, that one perceives as hunger and the other as food.

I awake in the tangled covers, to a sasg of snow, you dream in a cartoon garden, I could never know innocent imitation, of how it could be.  If when the music ended, you did not retreat.

In my imagination, you are cast in gold, your image a compensation for me to hold.

Parallel lines, move so fast, toward the same point, infinity is a near as it is far.

#Parallel Lines by Kings of Convenience.  As my gift to my love in his birthday who running on 30 years old.

We are create by one god and lead our lives so far by God blessing.

greeting and leaving,

tears and smile,

argued and hugged,

walk and run,

all of it been coloring our journey love…. we dance on it !

Happy Birthday !


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