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love spark

A poem by Maria Mustika.

I love you not for your skin, or how your hair done

I love you not for your face, or how you dress yourself

I love you not for your body, or how you address yourself

It’s the humble and warmth smile, that keep trap my mind to you

It’s the little thing you do, that keep tracing in my life

It’s the silent and understanding, that keep remind me of you

It’s the beauty of your mistake, that keep bounce back to me

so you see

I don’t know how to explain

these words that trap in my mouth

I don’t know what to do

to express to you how I feel

but thank you

to let yourself

be a part of me

thank you

to let me

stand side by side

with you


I was read and think this poem describe one of my stories, that’s why I posted in my blog.

Maria is my friend who stay in Surabaya with her partner.  We met on 2007 at the Young feminist training in Bogor.  She is one of my inspire friend who caring and loveable person.  Thanks Maria for share this poem to us.

#Happy reading


2 thoughts on “Love

  1. I love this poem! It says so much! I want to read one of your stories Midah! I will have to learn Bahasa Indonesian 🙂

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