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A life in Diolo village

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The main road in Diolo village

Diolo village is one of the biggest Sagoo plantations and productions area in South East Sulawesi province. The Sagoo from this village been distributing and exporting to the local and regional market. Sagoo becoming the mainly food for each household in this village which been growing naturally many years ago, since their great grand-parents life. These days, Sagoo tree had highly decreasing because the processing activities either for consumption or market demand without any transplanting activities by villagers or people who involve in the processing activity. Some land area of the sagoo plantation also been change into palm plantations, housing area or paddy field or main road of mining company transportation.

The main income of each household is come from agriculture activities both sago processing and crops plantations. The crops are coconut, banana, cashew nut and cocoa. In 2008, the government assisted this village through opening land of fish bond activities for the villagers. Men as a household in the family mostly work in their farm from 07.00 am in the morning until 17.00 in the afternoon. Some youngest men who around 20 – 25 years work in sago processing while older men who around 25 to 50 work in others field. Sagoo processing is kind of hard work according to them, even using machine to process it this days. Women mostly work as a housewife and only few of them who sometime help their husband in farm or running small enterprises such as making cake or open small shop. Women in this village marriage in young age for instance a lady who around my age has 3 children with 13 years for the oldest child. Shockingly, both men and women who educated still has less income and more expenses of living cost.

Roofs made from Sagoo leaf

I was visiting this village with my friend who run his research about it week ago. By knowing those fact, I am bit concern weather my children can eat sagoo like us in next twenty years. As an Agriculture background I am willing to do something good and effectively for sustainability livelihood to this villagers.  Especially in communities development as I have an experience working in this fields since eight years ago.

I was born as Tolakinesse which an original Ethnic in Southeast Sulawesi, province.  For us Sagoo is our main meals instead rice sometimes. It’s so common for us to have it in our gathering family lunch or dinner party.  In South East Sulawesi, the biggest productions of Sagoo is in Konawe and North Konawe district which is one of my Father home country.  The explorations land by Palm oil plantations and mining companies is the biggest challenge that we faced in both districts.  Several acre of lands that used to be planted with Sagoo tree’s become less in number and changed wih Palm oil plantations.  I’m wondering whether my children generation still eat it in the next future or not, If the government do not protect the land and the people keep being greedy for money.  I wish something better for sure !.

Sagoo plantation near by the river


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